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Welcome to Exquisite Car Care where a range of car detailing services are provided from a studio within easy reach of Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire & the South West. No matter what your car, a service is tailored to meet your needs for your vehicle. Welcome to bespoke detailing and car care.



I believe in making things the best they can be. This is something innate within me, from having the cleanest and best maintained bike as a child to honing the craft of car care for the flawless presentation of cars today.

A Refreshing Approach

Masterclass Detailing offers a range of car detailing services and training alongside finding and repairing water leaks from a studio within easy reach of Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Wells & Glastonbury.

"Jon is very genuine and his work is to an exceptionally high standard."

A Refreshing Approach

I solve the problems you have with your car and tailor a service to meet your needs for your vehicle; be that ceramic paint protection for your new car, reviving a tired looking used car, removing swirls and scratches from paintwork through machine polishing, interior deep cleaning, finding and repairing rain water leaks, restoring faded headlights, adding value to a vehicle before sale, engine bay cleaning, leak finding and fixing and much more.  Welcome to bespoke detailing and car care.



The company operates around the core values of honesty, reliability, diligence & respect for the property of others. I work in a careful, thoughtful and methodical way. I take every precaution to ensure your vehicle is not damaged by the work performed, only enhanced and protected. Your vehicle is as important to me as my own and will be treated with the utmost of respect.




I established a business in 2012 to circumvent a hosepipe ban in order to wash my own car safely. From there I explored the idea of developing the care and skill I put into my own car into a business. In 2016 I moved the business just south of Bristol & Bath. I spent 5 months renovating and building my dream detailing studio to offer the highest standard of work.




I have an innate drive to be the best I possibly can at whatever I do. I have devoted thousands of hours researching, testing, practising and developing the craft of car care. Please see some of the vehicles that I have worked on in the gallery to see the care, skill and expertise available to you.

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