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Restoration Detailing​

This service restores the appearance & condition of previously owned vehicles to near new, but where perfection is not sought. It is an incredibly involved process that works to cleanse, decontaminate, rejuvenate and protect the exterior and interior surfaces. The example below shows the breadth and scope of the service across the paint, shuts, plastics, alloys, calipers, soft top, glass, exhausts, tyre walls and interior surfaces.

Porsche 911 Turbo

The starting point was dull & lifeless paintwork due 10 years of contamination & oxidation. In need of extensive paintwork decontamination in preparation for paint correction to remove the oxidised paint & reveal factory fresh paint underneath.

Plenty of iron contamination to remove. The purple are specks are airborne metal particles that bond to automotive paint. These rust and dull the paint.

Often overlooked, but contamination gets everywhere.

Heavy iron contamination on the door shuts too.

A lot of dirt hidden under the boot trim.

A Pristine scuttle. This took quite some work. Three of four drain points were blocked by years of dirt building up. Clearing out each of them prevented water flowing into the car in the near future.

Clean, decontaiminated & lifted in preparation for polishing. The wheels were removed and sent for refurbishment.

It is amazing what dirt hides under badges.

I often recommend to remove and not refit badges for this reason. Cars with presence don't need to tell the world what they are.

Rear lights removed to gain tighter paint correction. It always amazes me how much dirt builds up in places like this.

Centre brake light removed to gain tighter paint correction.

Side indicators removed to gain tighter paint correction.

Front lights removed for tighter paint correction.

Front lights, rear lights, side indicators, centre brake light, number plates, number plate mount, badges, boot trim, scuttle covers and front bumper lip all removed for polishing access. All parts were cleaned and restored before being refitted.

The wing was removed to gain access to the paint underneath as well as machine polish and coat the underside.

A combination of hard paint and deep defects meant that most panels required 2-4 cutting stages followed up with a second polishing stage. The end result was 100% oxidation removal and around 95% defect removal. Some deeper scratches remained and left to preserve paint depth should further correction be required in the future.

The removal of over spray from the front bumper.

Even though this would be covered by the front bumper lip, this was removed.

Over time, the outermost clear coat oxidises and the paint looks faded. This top panel has been polished and is crisp and reflective. The lower panel demonstrates the difference oxidation removal through machine polishing makes.

Scratches and swirl marks dull paint by scattering reflected light in all directions. Removing these allows light to be reflected and restores gloss, reflectivity and clarity to the paintwork.

The calipers were meticulously cleaned including this brake fluid run stained the paint.

In an ideal world, the calipers would have been removed and repainted. However this was not part of the remit. This stone clip was touched in however.

The alloy wheels and centre caps were refurbished. New wheel bolts replaced the rusted ones. Powder coated black wheel weights were fitted to blend in and not rust in the future detracting from the finish of the alloy.

A quite monstrous stone chip to touch in.

It is easy to overlook these areas. Cleaning under the handles is an essential part of preparing the paintwork to apply a quartz coating.

The rear light clusters were machine polished to remove swirl marks and restore clarity.

A small piece of trim was missing and replaced.

A difficult area to access and clean. However, it looks brand new after vacuuming and brushing the pile in the same direction.

Removing the rear seats allowed the dirt to be vacuumed from under them.

Leather seams trap dirt and accelerate wear. Cleaning them prior to cleaning the leather also prevents dirt being dragged and scratching the leather. 

Compare the mat seat base to the bolster. Clean leather is matt, not shiny.

Dirt and dust build up in vents. Removing a cover allowed this footwell vent to be cleaned.

A small drinks spill uncovered and cleaned.

Cleaned and ready for refitting.

Contrast the buttons. One has years of dirt and was tacky. The second is perfectly clean and like new again..

Removing the ashtray cover allowed dirt trapped beneath to be removed.

Keys can get very grubby and the key should match the clean interior.

A pristine interior.

Porsche 911 Turbo Interior

Age and millage defied.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Beautifully reflective paintwork, refurbished wheels, clean calipers, plastics restored to a satin black. Protected with Gyeon Durabead for intense beading, strong self cleaning and ease of maintenance for years to come.

Porsche 911 Turbo
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