Car Detailing Training Course

Why Learn with Masterclass Detailing?

This is the course I wish I could have gone on when I first entered this industry. It would have saved me thousands of hours learning what products, processes and approaches work best. It would have saved me wasting thousands of pounds on inferior products and equipment. This course allows you to skip the learning curve over 3 days for £1,375. 


1) Unlike other courses, this is taught on a one to one basis. This means it can be organised at a few weeks notice on days that work for you.

2) Learn with a business partner or friend at no additional cost.

3) You learn what products, processes and approaches work best rather than learning how to use a product range from a particular manufacturer. No one manufacturer has the answer, so why limit your knowledge?

4) Practical detailing skills are backed up by a sound understanding of the process. This provides a framework and thought process that can be applied to different vehicles and situations in the future.

5) Detailed how to guides are provided for reference after the course.

6) If you have any problems or queries 6 months phone support is provided.

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What Does the Course Cover?

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to professionally detail exterior and interior surfaces, clean engine bays, restore headlights and machine polish. It allows you to minimise your set up costs by knowing which products, tools and equipment to buy and where to buy them from. Over 3 days learn to:


- Safely pre-wash, wash, decontaminate & dry paintwork;


- Deep clean arches, alloys, calipers & tyre walls;

- Deep clean & restore faded plastic surfaces;

- Clean door shuts, the fuel filler, drain points, badges & other neglected areas on vehicles;

- Remove bonded contamination using chemical & physical methods.

- Apply a range of sealants & waxes depending on paint colour & preference for durability;

- Polish exhaust tips & other metal surfaces;

- Clean & present engine bays;

- Deep clean convertible tops;

- Restore discoloured headlights;

- Remove badges;

- Deep clean vehicle interior surfaces including plastics, leather, fabric, carpets, mats, controls, door cards, glass & the headlining;

- Remove odours from vehicles;

- Identify different types of paint defects, recognise which ones machine polishing can remove or improve;

- Recognise the problems, pitfalls & hazards to be aware of before starting to polish;

- Select the right pad & abrasive combinations;

- Utilise the variables available to remove paint defects;

- Apply the fundamental polishing process;

- Recognise the common problems, causes & solutions in polishing;

- Machine polish on an actual vehicle rather than practice panels to replicate real world polishing.

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How Do I Book?

Call Jon on 07737935110 to arrange your course dates. Pay a £250 deposit to secure those days with the remainder payable before the course start date.