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 Convertible Top | Cabriolet | Soft Top Cleaning

Over time convertible tops discolour as dirt and algae builds up and becomes ingrained. A 6-stage deep cleaning process progressively releases the dirt and algae to restore the colour of the fabric. As part of this, the worst effected edges that are often covered up by the bodywork are cleaned too. The soft top drain channels are unblocked and cleaned to help prevent water leaking into the car and helps prevent future mould issues. If you are unsure of how bad things can be please look at the photos below.

This process takes 5-7 hours typically at a cost of £150 to £210.

Removing ingrained dirt & algae 



Drain points become blocked as they are not seen



Blocked drain points can allow water into the vehicle and cause mould



Unseen areas may never have been cleaned

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