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Car Detailing Services Bristol | Bath | Wells | Glastonbury


Used Car Revival


From £180

Gives a new lease of life to used vehicles with a 25 step rejuvenation of the exterior surfaces. Exterior surfaces safely & thoroughly cleansed including the alloys (option to remove for deeper cleaning), calipers, arches & shuts.


Contaminants dulling the paint (iron fallout & tar) removed. Hydrophobic coating with strong self-cleaning properties enhances & protects paintwork. Exhausts polished, tyre walls restored to a satin black & glass cleaned. 


Option to add a cleanse of the interior, engine bay, restore faded plastic trim, restore headlight clarity & remove isolated paint defects.

Bentley Continential Supersports 1.JPG

New Car Detail


From £700


For ultimate ease of maintenance & help maintain condition & value. Not all new car protection is the same!

Contaminants picked up during storage & transit that dull & damage the paint removed. Factory & dealership paint defects removed through machine polishing to leave flawless paintwork. Paintwork protected with an ultra durable GYEON Certified Detailer coating


Option to remove alloys & protect with the same ceramic coating for ease of cleaning. Option to remove mineral film from glass to enhance clarity & apply ultra hydrophobic glass sealant to allow wiperless driving at 50mph+.

Correction II.JPG

Paint Correction | Machine Polishing

From £500

Restores gloss, reflectivity & clarity to paintwork through machine polishing

Exterior surfaces safely & thoroughly cleansed including the alloys (option to remove for deeper cleaning), calipers, arches & shuts. Contaminants dulling the paint (iron fallout, tar, sap, over spray...) removed in preparation for polishing.

Paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, insect / bird dropping etchings & buffer trails removed or improved depending on paint depth & budget.

Option to protect the paintwork with an ultra durable hydrophobic ceramic coating.

BMW M Sport Touring III.JPG

GYEON Certified Ceramic Coating


From £750

As a Gyeon Certified Detailer, I am privileged to use the most advanced paint protection coatings in the world. Gyeon certified ceramic coatings are an investment in your vehicle because they perform exceptionally on the 5 requirements all coatings should have. Click here to read more on this.

In preparation for the coating to be applied the exterior must be deep cleaned, paint work contamination removed & at least one stage of machine polishing carried out so the coating can properly bond.


Pre-Sale Preparation


From £200

Tailored to help a vehicle sell & add value beyond the cost of the work.

Focuses on areas that would otherwise discourage potential buyers or prevent the full value of the vehicle being realised.

The scope & depth of the work is heavily dependent on potential to add value in discussion with the seller.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Restorative Detail

From £1,250

Restores the appearance & condition of previously owned vehicles to near new, but where perfection is not sought.

Removes built up dirt & contamination. Rejuvenates any & all exterior surfaces including extensive machine polishing to restore the gloss, reflectivity & clarity to paintwork.


Paintwork, alloys & calipers protected with the an ultra durable hydrophobic ceramic coating. Plastic trim is restored a satin black. Water etching removed from glass to enhance clarity. Layers of an ultra hydrophobic glass sealant applied to all exterior glassInterior is deep cleaned to create a pristine driving environment.

Click her to see an example of this service.

Bentley Mulsanne Gyeon MOHS+ XII.JPG

Signature Detail


 From £2,500

The pursuit of perfection in every detail. Vehicles leave among the finest examples of their make & model. This is the pinnacle of car care.

Every exterior surface is cleansed, decontaminated & perfected. They are protected with coatings of unsurpassed quality from Gyeon, Gtechniq & Swissvax.


Every intricacy of the interior is cleansed to create a pristine driving environment.

Click here to see an example of this service.


Convertible Top Deep Cleaning


 £150 - £210

Over time convertible tops discolour as dirt and algae builds up and becomes ingrained. A 6-stage deep cleaning process progressively releases the dirt and algae to restore the colour of the fabric.


As part of this, the worst effected edges that are often covered up by the bodywork are cleaned too.


The soft top drain channels are unblocked and cleaned to help prevent water leaking into the car and helps prevent future mould issues.

Engine Bay Cleaning


 From £60

Over time engine bays accumulate dirt and oil film. The bay and underside of the the bonnet can be carefully deep cleaned and dried to beautifully present the engine bay.


Headlight Restoration


 £40 per side

Over time headlights can become cloudy, milky, hazy, faded or discoloured and eventually will cause a car to fail its MOT. 


Do not despair! They can be restored and do not need to be replaced! There is no need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

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