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Engine Bay Cleaning

Over time dirt, dust and oil build up in the engine bay. With the right understanding, chemicals, hot water and equipment the engine bay can be safely cleaned and dried. This is a great additional to any detail or can be done as a stand alone service.

The service first removes leaves and debris from the cowling between the windscreen and bay. Any blocked drain points are cleared. Debris that has dropped down in the bay are blown free. Vulnerable electrical components are covered. The sound deadening is removed from the underside of the bonnet. Both are then cleaned. The engine bay is cleaned with a variety of cleaners, cloths, brushes and low pressure hot water. The bay is rinsed clean and air dried.


Typically this process takes around 1.5 hours at £40p/h. Particularly dirty, large or complex bays take longer and are priced accordingly.

McLaren Mercedes SLR - Engine Bay II.JPG
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