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Car Detailing Services Bristol | Bath | Wells | Glastonbury


Interior Deep Cleaning

From £150

This is the ULTIMATE deep clean of your car interior that will leave it looking, feeling and smelling refreshed. It is ideal if you are looking to resolve the build up of dirt, dirty leather, stained upholstery, pet hair and the smell of cigarettes, pets, damp, mildew, vomit & mould.

I have the equipment, indoor facilities and experience to find and remove dirt from every hiding place. Simply, I will go through your interior in a level of detail beyond anything offered elsewhere. 

Int 3.jpg

Odour Removal

£50 + Cleaning

If your car smells of cigarettes, dogs, damp, mildew or vomit, cleaning alone will not fully remove the odour. A controlled release of chlorine dioxide and/or ozone is required to kill the bacteria creating the smell, including those within the air conditioning and ventilation system.

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