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Used Car Revival

This 25 step process rejuvenates the exterior surfaces and gives a new lease of life to used vehicles. It is ideal if your car no longer looks its best or to refresh a newly acquired used vehicle. By taking the time to clean neglected areas where dirt builds up, removing paintwork contamination that dulls the paint (read more here), applying a spray sealant to add reflectivity and attending to all the details such as tyre walls and exhausts, cars typically look less than half their age after this service. 


As part of this service:

- The drain points are cleaned and cleared to reduce of risk of water ingress.

Each corner of the vehicle lifted to remove obscured dirt built up in the wheel arches.

- The alloys (faces, spoke backs, rims) are cleaned & brake dust dissolved (option to remove for deep cleaning).

- The calipers are cleaned (providing there is access between the spokes).


- The door shuts, boot shuts, fuel filler and rubber seals are cleaned.


- The vehicle is given an extensive warm water pre-wash to remove and loosen dirt followed by a safe wash.


- Contamination that is not removed by normal washing, specifically iron fallout & tar is safely dissolved and removed.

- This allows Gyeon WetCoat, an intensely hydrophobic coating with strong self cleaning properties to bond to the paint.


- This protective layer also adds gloss and reflectivity.

- Tar and carbon deposits are removed from exhausts before being polished to a highly reflective finish.


- Tyre walls are cleaned and restored to a satin black.


- Interior and exterior glass cleaned.


This process normally takes from 6 to 10 hours to complete, depending on the size and condition and of the vehicle.

Typical cost: £180 - £300.

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