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The highest standard of car care, presentation & protection requires a highly specialised environment.

The Studio:

  • A clean indoor space.


  • Designed for even the largest vehicles.


Low-profile scissor lift & approach ramps:

  • Allows even the lowest cars to be safely lifted.

  • Allows alloy wheels to be removed for cleaning, refurbishment and sealing.


  • Allows easy access to sills, bumpers & exhausts, so all areas of the vehicle can be enhanced & protected.

Scangrip lighting:


  • By more accurately replicating daylight than any other light source.

  • This highlights all types of paint defect on any colour of paint.

The very best machine polishers:

  • From the industry leaders Flex & Rupes.


  • Restores clarity, refectivity & gloss to paintwork.

Infra-red curing:

  • Infra-red light cures the very best of ceramic coatings from Gyeon.

  • This strengthens the lattice structure and increases the lifespan of the coating.

The wheel skate:

  • Cradles alloys during removal & fitting.

  • Eliminates the risk of damaging the alloy or disc if dropped.

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