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Hubs tend to be covered by an exceptionally thin layer of paint. Water soon gets under and they rust away. No matter how pristine the wheel, a rusting hub stands out, ages the car and seems to blight every Porsche and BMW I have seen. Hubs can be restored in a 6 step process:


1) The vehicle is lifted and the alloys removed.

2) The rusted surface is sanded to a smooth finish.

3) The hub is treated with acetic acid to strip rust from areas that are problematic to sand. This creates as smooth and rust free surface as possible that enables a smooth finish to be achieved later.

4) The surface is stabilised with Hydrate 80 produce a clean and rust free surface. Otherwise the rust will eventually come back through.


6) A layer of paint colour matched to the wheel is sprayed to leave an even finish. This process takes a day to complete, but is spread over 2 days to allow the rust stabilisation to occur before the hub is painted.

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