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Tesla Model 3 | GYEON Ceramic Coating


If you are researching & comparing protection options for your new Tesla the choice is overwhelming. Please be aware:


1) New cars are handed over with a degree of paintwork damage - particularly Teslas - see a typical example below.


2) The durability of a ceramic coating is only as good as the surface preparation.

3) Ceramic coatings must be applied in controlled conditions - indoors, away from sunlight, wind, dust & rain.

4) Claims of durability are normally conditional on maintenance by the owner or application company. Read the small print.

At Masterclass Detailing surface preparation is meticulous and the durability of the coating not oversold. The time is taken to carefully remove contaminants picked up during storage & transit that dull the paint. Factory & dealership paint defects as shown below) and wash induced swirls are removed through machine polishing. A GYEON certified detailer ceramic coating is applied under controlled conditions in the studio. The coating provides 24+ months functional protection (read more here) without any maintenance required.

Model 3: £800  |  Model Y & S: £900  |  Model X £1,000

Tesla paint defect
Tesla paint defect removal

There is the option to remove and deep clean the alloys before applying the same GYEON ceramic coating. Painted calipers are also coated. This means dirt and brake dust bond less readily meaning they are far quicker to clean for years to come.


All Models: £240


The film of minerals that bond to glass (as shown below on the left half of the photo) can be removed. This enhances clarity and stops the tint appearing dull and grey. Layers of ultra hydrophobic glass sealant are then applied allowing wiperless driving at 50mph+. 


Model 3: £225  |  Model Y & S: £275  |  Model X £325

Windscreen Only:

Model 3: £70  |  Model Y & S: £75  |  Model X £85

Glass mineral film removal
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