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Terms & Conditions


1.0 All work is carried out by Masterclass Detailing Limited ('MDL'), Company number 13104525.


2.0 Payment is due by cash or bank transfer on completion of the work and prior to the return of your vehicle unless otherwise agreed.


3.0 Insurance of the vehicle remains the customer's responsibility whilst in the custody of MDL.


4.0 MDL takes its duty of care to all vehicles being worked on seriously. All work carried out is done using tested products and processes with a known outcome. If damage to your vehicle results from negligence by MDL, MDL will return the vehicle to its previous condition or compensate the owner for any loss in the residual value of the vehicle as determined by MDL.


5.0 MDL will not be liable for damage or loss to your vehicle or its contents:


5.1 Resulting from acts of third parties who are not acting under the instruction of MDL.


5.2 Caused by lightning, flood, weather, fire, explosion or civil disorder.


5.3 Resulting from defects, damage and/or weakness of your vehicle, e.g. uncured paint being removed by a tar remover, lacquer peel being removed through pressure washing, water egress into the vehicle due to lack of water tightness. Please make sure to inform MDL of any defects, damage or weakness of your vehicle prior to work beginning on your vehicle.


6.0 All work is carried out under the above terms and conditions.

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