Become a Professional Valeter or Detailer

£1,250 | 3 days

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to professionally valet and detail exterior and interior surfaces, clean engine bays, restore headlights and machine polish. Over 3 days learn to:


- Safely pre-wash, wash, decontaminate and dry paintwork;


- Deep clean arches, alloys, calipers & tyre walls;

- Deep clean and restore faded plastic surfaces;

- Clean door shuts, the fuel filler, drain points, badges and other neglected areas on vehicles;

- Remove bonded contamination using chemical and physical methods.


- Apply a range of sealants & waxes depending on paint colour and preference for durability;

- Identify different types of paint defects, recognise which ones machine polishing can remove or improve;

- The problems, pitfalls and hazards to be aware of before starting to polish;

- Types of machine & polishing abrasives;

- Types of pads and their characteristics;

- The variables available to remove paint defects;

- The fundamental polishing process;

- The common problems, causes and solutions in polishing;

- Guided machine polishing practice on an actual vehicle rather than practice panels to replicate real world polishing.

- Clean and present engine bays;

- Deep clean vehicle interior surfaces including plastics, leather, fabric, carpets, mats, controls, door cards, glass & the headlining;

- Remove odours from vehicles;

- Deep clean convertible tops;

- Restore discoloured headlights;

- Remove badges;

- Minimise your set up costs by knowing which products, tools and equipment to buy and where to buy them from.

The course does not cover the polishing of single stage paintwork or the application of ceramic coatings.