Headlight Restoration Service Glastonbury

Over time headlights can become cloudy, milky, hazy, faded or discoloured and eventually will cause a car to fail its MOT.


Do not despair! They can be restored and do not need to be replaced! There is no need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

The restoration service is available for £40 per headlight.

The Restoration Process

The issue is caused by UV radiation breaking down the plastic surface through a process called oxidation. This oxidised layer must be removed to restore clarity. There is no quick fix for this and crude attempts can cause damage to the lens that cannot be later solved. The only effective way is through wet sanding. The first stage removes the faded layer to leave a uniform sanding haze. Clarity is then restored by further stages of wet sanding with increasingly fine grades of disc. The lens is then machine polished with increasingly fine abrasives to leave a crisp and clear headlight. This is a skilled process and takes upwards to 1 hour to complete depending on the headlight size and severity of the oxidation.

This faded Porsche 911 headlight was removed so the edges could be easily reached, allowing restoration of the entire lens. Both lights were aging the vehicle and their restoration part of a Protection Detail.

The oxidised plastic being removed clogs the sanding disc. This residue is rinsed into the measuring jug and It becomes easy to see what was causing the lack of clarity. The process leaves a uniform sanding haze and is removed next.

After further stages of wet sanding and polishing the clarity and light output of the headlight is restored.

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