Ceramic Paint Protection Glastonbury

Not all Paint Protection is equal!


As a Gyeon Certified Detailer, I am privileged to use the most advanced paint protection coatings in the world. Ceramic coatings, also referred to as quartz coatings, are an investment in your vehicle and the Gyeon coatings offer a superb return. They perform exceptionally on all 5 requirements of a coating system.

1) Scratch Resistance: The super slick layer provides superb scratch resistance. It greatly reduces the degree and severity of wash induced marring.​ This helps maintain the gloss and reflectivity and significantly reduces the need for future paint correction.

2) Chemical Resistance: The coating is impervious to chemical attack within the pH range of 2 to 11. It offers excellent protection from bird droppings, insect etchings will not be degraded by almost all cleaning chemicals.

3) Functional Durability: Gyeon coatings maintain their hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties longer than any other coating at 24 months+. Unlike Gtechniq paint protection coatings for example, they do not require topping up or maintaining throughout the stated life of the coating making them both time and cost efficient.

4) Ease of Maintenance: The coating surface is extremely slick. Dirt bonds poorly to it making it quicker and easier to remove. This considerably reduces the time needed to wash the car and saves considerable time over the lifespan of the coating. The coating surface is also extremely hydrophobic. Fresh surface contamination tends to be carried away by the water keeping paintwork cleaner for longer.


5) Enhancing Appearance: The coatings smooth and beautify the underlying surface to add incredible levels of gloss and reflectivity.

Becoming a Certified Detailer: Easier said than done.

Gyeon Certified Detailer.png


Gyeon are fiercely protective of their brand. To become a Gyeon Certified Detailer a company must demonstrate their commitment to upholding the highest standards in car care. The applicant must first have been detailing professionally for a minimum of 2 years and have a track record of producing high quality finishes. During this time they must demonstrate they have become proficient in applying the easier to use consumer grade products. At this point they must show they have a clean studio in which to apply the coatings. As with all ceramic coatings, they cannot be exposed to dirt, water or sunlight during the application and curing process. At this point the detailer will be granted access to the professional range of coatings that offer longer functional durability and protection then any other coatings available today.

Typical Cost of Application

The application of the Gyeon Duraflex system to paintwork ranges from £300 to £600 depending on the size of the vehicle. Most customers chose to have their alloys and calipers sealed with the remaining coating. This ranges from £175 to £270 depending on the size and complexity of the alloys.