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Exterior Protection Detail: 


Dramatically enhances a vehicle's appearance & protects paintwork.

- The drain points are cleaned & cleared to reduce of risk of water ingress.

Each corner of the vehicle lifted to remove obscured dirt built up in the wheel arches.

- The alloys (faces, spoke backs, rims) are cleaned with a gentle wheel cleaner.


- Brake dust is dissolved with a safe pH neutral product.


- There is the option to remove the alloys for deep cleaning and allow tar and old wheel weight stickers to be removed.

- The calipers are cleaned (providing there is access between the spokes).


- The door shuts, boot shuts and rubber seals are cleaned.


- The vehicle is given an extensive warm water pre-wash to remove and loosen dirt followed by a safe wash.


- Contamination that is not removed by normal washing, specifically iron fallout & tar is safely dissolved and removed.

- This allows Gyeon WetCoat, an intensely hydrophobic coating with strong self cleaning properties to bond to the paint.


- This protective layer also adds gloss and reflectivity.

- Tar and carbon deposits are removed from exhausts before being polished to a highly reflective finish.


- Tyre walls are cleaned and restored to a satin black.


- Interior and exterior glass cleaned.


This process normally takes from 5 to 10 hours to complete, depending on the size and condition and of the vehicle.

Typical cost: £125 - £250.

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Deep Interior Cleaning + Mould & Odour Removal

This is the ultimate deep clean of your car interior that will leave it looking, feeling and smelling refreshed. It is ideal if you are looking to resolve:

​- A heavy build up of dirt;

- Dirty leather;

- Stained upholstery;

- Pet hair;

- Mould and the source of water ingress that has caused it; and or

- The smell of cigarettes, pets, damp, mildew, vomit.

The process involves:

- A comprehensive vacuum of the carpets, mats, upholstery and boot to remove dirt & debris.

- The blowing out of dirt & debris tapped under and in between the seats.

- Cleaning the dashboard, door cards, controls, vents, steering wheel, stalks, buttons, cubby holes, seat belts, sun visors and any other interior surfaces.


- Deep cleaning leather, upholstery & alcantara seats, including the dirt that builds up in the seams that causes premature wear.

- Sanitisation with steam if required.

- The spotless cleaning of interior glass, including the sunroof, rear view and vanity mirrors. Redundant stickers on the glass are also removed.

- Removing marks in the headlining.

This normally takes 6 to 12 hours to complete and typically costs £150 to £300.

Odour Removal


If your car smells of cigarettes, dogs, damp, mildew or vomit, cleaning alone will not fully remove the odour. A controlled release of chlorine dioxide is required to kill the bacteria creating the smell, including those within the air conditioning and ventilation system.

- To be effective, chlorine dioxide is released for 12 to 24 hours at a cost of £50.

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Swirl Mark & Scratch Removal


Do you have defects in your paintwork that you would like removed, such as swirl marks, scratches, insect & bird dropping etchings, oxidation, over spray, finger prints, scuffs, buffer trails or sanding marks?

These can be removed by safely removing a small amount of the uppermost layer of the paint through machine polishing. This reveals factory fresh paint underneath to restore gloss, refectivity and clarity.

Some defects such as stone chips, severe scuffs and scratches penetrate too deeply into the paint to be resolved by this process. However, they can be substantially improved. Stone chips can be touched in and the edges of deeper scratches rounded off to be taken away from the eye.complete, depending on the size and condition and of the vehicle.

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