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 Car Water Leak Specialist - Find | Fix | Repair near Bristol & Bath

A leaking car is miserable to own. They leak because either a barrier to water fails or a pathway for water becomes blocked. The leak diagnostic service methodically tests these barriers and pathways to find where water is entering a vehicle interior. Pathways for water are cleared and leak points sealed to fix the problemWhilst I cannot guarantee to find all points of water ingress, I apply a thorough tried and tested method that has fully resolved leaks on 98% of vehicles to date. Leak finding and repair is available at £55 p/h. Almost all investigations and repairs take 5 to 8 hours to complete and vehicles are ready for collection the following day.


Certain models have their own specific issues that cause water to build up in the boot, footwells, tailgates and light clusters. This model specific knowledge is also used to identify where water is getting in and stop it. Some examples are:


  • Ford Focus / Fiesta / B-Max / S-Max that suffer with water around the spare wheel and wet footwells.

  • MK7 / MK6 Volkswagen Golf that suffers from water around the spare wheel, under the rear seats and often rear footwells.

  • The Audi A6 / RS6 / Allroad that leak into the passenger front footwell and sometimes the driver's.

  • The Volkswagen Tiguan that suffers from wet front footwells and/or boot.

  • Audi A1 Sportback where water sloshes in the tailgate and enters the rear light clusters.

  • Vauxhall Astra that leaks in the boot and onto the footwells..


Whilst I cannot guarantee to find all points of water ingress, I apply a thorough tried and tested method that has resolved leaks on 99% of vehicles to date. Leak finding and repair is available at £55 p/h.

I can also tackle the issues that result from a car that has leaked by extracting water trapped in the footwells and otherwise drying out your vehicle, deep cleaning interiors, removing mould and eliminating odours at £30p/h.


"I would recommend Masterclass Detailing to anyone with a water leak in their car. I could not trace the source of a leak in my MK7 VW Golf for months - wet rear seats and water in boot under spare wheel. Jon at Masterclass Detailing knew pretty much straight away - He explained how it was entering and did a very thorough job fixing it and cleaning the rear seat and told me how to remove rear seat so I could dry it out. All fixed now. Great job and very satisfied. Thank you Jon."

"My Ford Focus was letting water into the boot. There was a huge pool of water under the spare tyre. On finding Jon‘s number I arranged an appointment in very little time and drove from south Wales to south of Bristol and left the car with him for the day. By the end of day he gave me a report and showed me pictures of his work. After weeks of rain the leak seems to be cured. All interaction was professional, friendly and convivial. Well worth the price he charged."

Removing, cleaning & sealing leaking bumper vents on a MK7 Golf.


"My wife’s much loved Ford Focus had very significant amounts of water getting into the boot. I thought it was beyond repair.
Jon did a great job fixing the leaks and despite recent heavy rain not a drop of water that has gotten in it.
My wife and I are really pleased and very impressed with the service provided."


"Jon is a super patient, meticulous and methodical problem solver. A leak on my Audi A4 Allroad B8 was located, accessed and sealed. Not many would be prepared to investigate thoroughly to ensure the root cause of the issue was identified. Water ingress is a nightmare to resolve but Jon did and has saved me the loss of money that no doubt I would have incurred had I sold the car and replaced. I am very grateful to Jon for his time and expertise. I absolutely 100% recommend him."

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