Leak Finding

Leaks can be tricky to find and fix. The leak finding service investigates common places that cars can leak along with those specific to the make and model. Once leaks are found you have the option for them to be resolved.

Whilst I cannot guarantee to find all points of water ingress, I apply a thorough tried and tested method that has resolved leaks on all vehicles to date.

The initial leak investigation is £75 and takes around 2 hours with further agreed work at £35 p/h.


Mould Removal


Mould caused by water ingress can be removed with deep interior cleaning and if necessary the controlled release of chlorine dioxide to kill mould and neutalise odours. The process involves:

- A comprehensive vacuum of the carpets, mats, upholstery and boot to remove dirt & debris.

- The blowing out of dirt & debris tapped under and in between the seats.

- Cleaning the dashboard, door cards, controls, vents, steering wheel, stalks, buttons, cubby holes, seat belts, sun visors and any other interior surfaces.

- Deep cleaning leather, upholstery & alcantara seats, including the dirt that builds up in the seams that causes premature wear.

- Sanitisation with steam if required.

- The spotless cleaning of interior glass, including the sunroof, rear view and vanity mirrors. Redundant stickers on the glass are also removed.

- Removing marks in the headlining.

This normally takes upwards of 5 hours for 2 seater vehicles and 8 hours for 5 seater vehicles charged at £35 p/h. 

Odour Removal


Mould and the associated odour cannot always be eliminated by cleaning alone. A controlled release of chlorine dioxide kills mould and neutalises odours.

- To be effective, chlorine dioxide is released for 12 to 24 hours at a cost of £50.