Deep Clean, Decontaminate & Detail Exteriors

£400 | 1-2 people | 1 day

Learn how to;

- Safely pre-wash and wash your vehicle to minimise wash induced swirls and scratches;

- Cleanse your door shuts, fuel filler and drain points;

- Deep clean plastic surfaces;

- Safely clean badges and panel gaps;

- Safely remove contaminants such as tar, brake dust and fallout that remain on the paint even after washing;

- Deep clean and decontaminate wheel arches, alloys, calipers and tyre walls;

- Safely dry a vehicle to avoid inflicting swirls and scratches in the paint along with runs and drips.

- Apply a range of sealants & waxes depending on paint colour and preference for durability; and

- Restore polished surfaces using a range of chemical and physical methods.

Iron Fallout Removal.jpg