Professional Detailing & Valeting Training in the South West

Why Learn with Masterclass Detailing?

- Each course is tailored to what you wish to learn or improve and can cover any aspect of car care.

- You learn what products, processes and approaches work best rather than learning a 'system' or product range from a particular manufacturer. No one manufacturer has the answer, so why limit your knowledge?

- Practical detailing skills are backed up by a sound understanding of the process. This provides a framework and thought process that can be applied to different vehicles and situations in the future.

- Detailed how to guides are provided for reference after the course.

- 6 months support by phone for any problems or queries as you begin to turn the knowledge and skills into money.

Become a Professional Detailer & Valeter

£1,250 | split between 1-2 people | 3 days

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Learn How to Machine Polish

£450 | split between 1-2 people | 1 day

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Deep Clean, Decontaminate & Detail Exteriors

£400 | split between 1-2 people | 1 day

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Interior Deep Cleaning

£300 | split between 1-2 people | 6 hours

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"Hours of research led to numerous dead ends. Many companies didn’t provide courses, some insisted on their own ‘fixed format’ course which were time and cost prohibitive and frankly overkill given my level of expertise.


Others were biased or incentivised towards machine range X and Product range Y.


Jon listened to what I wanted to achieve and we mutually agreed an approach. He delivered the content in a structured way with the ideal balance of theory and practical time. I cant stress enough the importance of the theory because without correct consideration from the outset you’ll either fail to achieve the desired outcome or risk inflicting damage to the vehicle. The notes (a handy take away) were thorough and serve as a useful reference document if you come unstuck – failing that Jon is happy to answer questions when he’s not busy himself."

Nathan - Semi-Pro Detailer