Detailing Training in the South West

Are you an enthusiast who would like to improve your detailing skills?

Are you looking to step up to pro detailing?

Are you a full or part time professional who would like to learn to detail at a higher level?

If so, there is a course for you.

Why Learn with Exquisite Car Care?


- Each course is tailored to what you wish to improve or learn.

- You learn what products, processes and approaches work best rather than learning a 'system' or product range from a particular manufacturer. No one manufacturer has the answer, so why limit your knowledge?

- Practical detailing skills are backed up by a sound understanding of the process. This provides a framework and thought process that can be applied to different vehicles and situations in the future.


"Hours of research led to numerous dead ends. Many companies didn’t provide courses, some insisted on their own ‘fixed format’ course which were time and cost prohibitive and frankly overkill given my level of expertise.


Others were biased or incentivised towards machine range X and Product range Y.


Jon listened to what I wanted to achieve and we mutually agreed an approach. He delivered the content in a structured way with the ideal balance of theory and practical time. I cant stress enough the importance of the theory because without correct consideration from the outset you’ll either fail to achieve the desired outcome or risk inflicting damage to the vehicle. The notes (a handy take away) were thorough and serve as a useful reference document if you come unstuck – failing that Jon is happy to answer questions when he’s not busy himself."

Nathan - Semi-pro detailer


Safely wash, decontaminate and protect - £400.

- Aimed at the enthusiast that would like to better look after their own vehicle or those looking to detail on a semi-professional basis. Over 1 day learn how to;

- Safely pre-wash and wash your vehicle to minimise wash induced swirls and scratches;

- Cleanse your door shuts, fuel filler and drain points;

- Deep clean plastic surfaces;

- Safely clean badges and panel gaps;

- Safely remove contaminants such as tar, brake dust and fallout that remain on the paint even after washing;

- Deep clean and decontaminate wheel arches, alloys, calipers and tyre walls;

- Safely dry a vehicle to avoid inflicting swirls and scratches in the paint along with runs and drips.

- Apply a range of sealants & waxes depending on paint colour and preference for durability; and

- Restore polished surfaces using a range or chemical and physical methods.

An Introduction to Machine Polishing - £450

25% theory / 75% application. Aimed at those with no or limited polishing experience. Over 1 day learn;

- A universal approach that can be applied to any vehicle;

- To identify different types of paint defects and recognise which ones machine polishing can remove or improve;

- The problems and pitfalls to be aware of before starting to polish;

- The hazards of machine polishing;

- Types of machine & polishing abrasives;

- Types of pads and their characteristics;

- The variables available to remove paint defects;

- The fundamental polishing process;

- The common problems, causes and solutions in polishing; and

- To apply the theory on an actual vehicle to replicate real world polishing, not practice panels.

Machine Polishing for the Professional - £900

- Aimed at those who have some experience of machine polishing and wish to learn how to remove paint defects efficiently, produce high quality finishes and be profitable. 15% theory / 85% application. Over 2 days;

- Cover all of the introductory course and plug any knowledge gaps;

- Learn efficient polishing techniques that allow professionals to be profitable;

- Understand and practice single stage polishing techniques; and

- Understand and practice multi-stage machine polishing techniques.

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